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Suspicious mail

USPS offers safety reminder, tips

Postal worker's hands touching mail
USPS is reminding employees to exercise caution when dealing with suspicious items in the mail.

The Postal Service is reminding employees how to deal with suspicious mail and packages.

Although these incidents are not common, USPS wants employees to recognize suspicious items by paying attention to characteristics such as these:

• Shape. Is the item lopsided or uneven? Rigid or bulky?

• Appearance. Are there unusual stains or discolorations? Does it have a strange odor?

• Address. Is there a return address? Are there restrictive markings? Are there misspelled words? Is it addressed to a title rather than to an individual? Is it poorly typed or written?

• Packaging. Is it sealed with tape? Is there excessive postage?

If you see a suspicious item, don’t touch it and don’t place anything else near it.

If you believe the item doesn’t pose an immediate danger, move to a safe area, report the incident to your supervisor and call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455.

If you think the item poses an immediate danger, evacuate the immediate area and call 911. Follow instructions from first responders, report the incident to your supervisor and call the Inspection Service at the number above.

USPS distributed a stand-up talk and provided employees with additional guidance this week.

The National Preparedness Blue page also has tips and information.

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