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Ashley Warner, Grenville, NM

Highway Contract Route Driver Ashley Warner
Grenville, NM, Highway Contract Route Driver Ashley Warner

Ashley Warner, a highway contract route driver, was delivering mail on a summer Saturday in Grenville, NM, when she spotted an off-road utility vehicle overturned in a field.

Warner didn’t see any sign of activity at first, but as she drove away, she saw a hand waving in her side mirror.

She stopped to investigate and discovered that a man was trapped underneath the four-wheeler.

Warner immediately called 911 and alerted two neighbors, who helped her free the man and render first aid until emergency responders arrived and took him to a hospital for treatment of dehydration and other injuries.

It was determined that the man had been trapped for 12 hours and may not have been missed until he was due at work Monday morning.

He is recovering from the incident.

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