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Best practices: Striving for accuracy

Munster, IN, Letter Carrier David Drozd
Munster, IN, Letter Carrier David Drozd works to help USPS ensure accurate deliveries.

David Drozd likes to get it right.

The Munster, IN, letter carrier strives to ensure he delivers every card, letter and package to the correct address.

“By providing 100 percent accurate delivery, I ensure our customers receive the service they deserve,” he says.

The Postal Service encourages employees throughout the organization to follow this approach. By making world-class service a core strategy, USPS aims to drive loyalty and boost revenue.

To help carriers deliver accurately, the organization offers these tips:

• Scan mailpieces and packages when you actually deliver them. Scanning allows customers to track their mail and packages, so it’s important that items aren’t marked as “delivered” until they’ve actually been delivered.

• Check and check again. To avoid misdeliveries, double check address numbers, street names and recipients’ names.

• Keep it courteous. When interacting with customers, remember that you might be the brightest part of their day.

Drozd, a 12-year Postal Service employee, takes the last piece of advice to heart.

“I enjoy making a customer’s day a little more special,” he says.

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