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Joshua McGlone, Wheelersburg, OH

Smiling postal worker stands next to delivery truck
Wheelersburg, OH, Rural Carrier Joshua McGlone

Rural Carrier Joshua McGlone was delivering mail on a July day in Wheelersburg, OH, when he spotted the wooden front porch of a customer’s home engulfed in flames.

While the homeowner’s sister-in-law — who was there by herself — called 911, McGlone quickly located a cooler and filled it with water from an outdoor spigot.

Assisted by the sister-in-law and a neighbor, McGlone battled the blaze until firefighters arrived and took over, sparing the residence from destruction.

The homeowner and her sister-in-law later visited Wheelersburg Postmaster Franklin DeWar III to make sure he knew of McGlone’s actions.

“Without his help, I’m sure we would have lost our home,” the homeowner said tearfully. “Your carrier is a hero.”

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