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Camille Garrett, Clermont, GA

Clermont, GA, Rural Carrier Associate Camille Garrett
Clermont, GA, Rural Carrier Associate Camille Garrett

Rural Carrier Associate Camille Garrett was recently delivering mail in Clermont, GA, when she saw a woman standing by a car alongside the road.

Garrett stopped to check on the woman, who seemed scared and confused as she explained that she couldn’t find her way home.

The rural carrier associate asked the woman’s name and then called several customers until she found someone who knew the woman’s son.

After arriving on the scene, the woman’s son thanked Garrett and explained that his mother had recently been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and had been returning from a medical appointment by herself.

Officer in Charge Amanda King called Garrett “a very caring person who takes pride in her work.”

“She knew she needed to step in to ensure this woman’s safety,” King said. “I believe she was meant to be there at that place and time to assist this family.”

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