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Brandy Pleasants, Ashland, VA

Ashland, VA, Rural Carrier Brandy Pleasants
Ashland, VA, Rural Carrier Brandy Pleasants

Rural Carrier Brandy Pleasants was delivering mail on a spring day in Ashland, VA, when she stopped at a convenience store.

Pleasants discovered that the clerk was in medical distress and urgently needed care as he turned blue.

The Postal Service employee immediately called 911 and rendered first aid until emergency responders arrived.

During the summer, Pleasants suffered a medical crisis herself.

She died Aug. 1, just two weeks shy of turning 35.

In her obituary, family members said Pleasants exuded helpfulness, reflected in medical training she pursued before joining the Postal Service.

“Brandy will be remembered for her radiating spirit and sweet personality that glimmered whenever she was met,” the family wrote.

Survivors include her mother, Beaverdam, VA, Postmaster Nancy Pleasants.

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