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Man holds aloft hawk in front of stamp art display
Nathan Thoele, an environmental educator at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, holds Chesterland, a Harris’s hawk, at last week’s Birds in Winter stamp dedication ceremony.

Here’s Link’s latest “News quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Who used an employee lead program to submit a tip that generated $121,440 in annualized revenue for USPS?

a) El Dorado, AR, Postmaster Renee Baxley
b) Lakewood, OH, Letter Carrier Steven Sullenberger
c) Temple, TX, Retail Associate Daniel Trevino
d) Wilson, NC, Letter Carrier Veronica Powell

2. True or false: The American Postal Workers Union represents more than 192,000 USPS employees, including clerks, mechanics, vehicle drivers, custodians and some workers in administrative positions.

a) True
b) False

3. What is the theme of this year’s National Postal Customer Council Week?

a) “Growing Together”
b) “Informed Customers: Customer Experience Delivered”
c) “Make Informed Connections”
d) “Tune In To”

4. Fill in the blank: (Blank) is the acting lean safety coordinator for Capital Metro Area’s Greensboro District.

a) Steve Cohen
b) Andra McKoy
c) Teresa Scott
d) Timothy Thompson

5. Match the Birds in Winter subject’s scientific name in Column A with its more common name in Column B.

Column A
a) Cardinalis cardinalis
b) Cyanocitta cristata
c) Melanerpes carolinus
d) Poecile atricapillus

Column B
I) Black-capped chickadee
II) Blue jay
III) Northern Cardinal
IV) Red-bellied woodpecker

Answers: 1) b. 2) a. 3) b. 4) c. 5) a. III., b. II., c. IV., d. I.

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