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Steven Harmer, Shingle Springs, CA

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Shingle Springs, CA, Rural Carrier Steven Harmer

Rural Carrier Steven Harmer was recently delivering mail in Shingle Springs, CA, when he spotted smoke billowing from a brush fire.

Harmer was concerned that the blaze — reportedly caused by a construction crew mishap — threatened a nearby residence, so he immediately drove closer and started honking his horn.

A woman who was home with her four grandchildren soon emerged, unaware of the crisis.

With flames quickly spreading, the Postal Service employee helped the group into a family vehicle.

While the grandmother drove to safety, Harmer secured a dog and three kittens at risk outside, then grabbed a garden hose and sprayed the ground around the home’s perimeter until firefighters arrived and took over.

As he continued his route, he saw the family parked alongside a road and assured them the emergency was under control.

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