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After Florence

USPS resumes service following storm

Man wearing police gear wades through flooded basement
Postal Inspector Steve Cohen checks out the basement at the Red Springs, NC, Post Office, which flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

The Postal Service is in recovery mode in North Carolina and South Carolina, where Hurricane Florence has left a wide path of destruction.

USPS has resumed deliveries and reopened Post Offices in areas where it’s safe to do so, although service remains suspended in some locations. The Postal Employees’ Relief Fund and Employee Assistance Program are available to help affected employees.

“Hurricane Florence and its aftermath are testing us, but the Postal Service is rising to the challenge. Our priority remains the safety of our employees and customers,” said Capital Metro Area Vice President Linda Malone, whose jurisdiction includes the region hit by the storm.

Hurricane Florence made landfall Sept. 14, bringing massive storm surges, record rainfall and major flooding to the Carolinas.

The Postal Inspection Service has more than 50 employees in the area, including inspectors who are assessing affected facilities and determining which are operational, and police officers who are providing facility security. Inspection Service employees are also transporting water, food and supplies to locations in need.

“The Inspection Service is taking an active role in emergency operations, including ensuring the safety of employees and the sanctity of the U.S. Mail,” said National Public Information Officer Andrea Avery.

Malone praised the Inspection Service’s efforts. “They’re doing incredible work, and we appreciate their contributions,” she said.

Employees affected by Florence should call the USPS national emergency hotline at 888-363-7462 to report their condition and check for changes in their scheduled work reporting status.

Customers should check the USPS Service Alerts site for updates. The Postal Service is also updating customers on social media and through the news media.

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