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Time of heroes

Honoring First Responders stamp dedicated

Stamp showing firefighter, paramedic and police officer
The Honoring First Responders stamp features a representative illustration of three figures racing into action.

It was a day to salute real-life heroes.

The Postal Service dedicated its Honoring First Responders stamps Sept. 13 in Missoula, MT. The stamp recognizes the firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical professionals who respond to critical situations.

“We honor first responders for responding to emergencies, both small and large, that occur every day in our communities. They rush into life-threatening situations for the benefit of others,” said Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell, who led the ceremony.

“The fires. The accidents. The medical incidents. The violent crimes. We call out for their help tens of millions of times each year. And every time, they answer the call,” Cottrell said.

The ceremony was held at the Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center, where a group of firefighters who battle forest fires and other disasters is based.

Other speakers included Vicki Christiansen, interim chief of the U.S. Forest Service, and Tory Kendrick, base manager for the Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center.

The stamp features a representative digital illustration of three first responders as they race into action: a firefighter carrying an ax, an emergency medical services worker carrying a bag and a law enforcement officer shining a flashlight.

The dark background and signs of smoke around the figures suggest the wide range of situations that demand the immediate attention of first responders.

The ranks of first responders often include a wide range of law enforcement professionals and public safety personnel, including air marshals, transit police officers, postal inspectors and police officers, park rangers and fish and game wardens.

The stamp is available at Post Offices and

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