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Dyrol Washington, Warminster, PA

Warminster, PA, Letter Carrier Dyrol Washington
Warminster, PA, Letter Carrier Dyrol Washington

Letter Carrier Dyrol Washington was delivering mail on a spring day in a Warminster, PA, neighborhood when he spotted a woman who appeared to be unconscious in a parked car.

As Washington got closer, he noticed that only one window was slightly cracked open — then he saw a toddler in the back seat.

The Postal Service employee tried unsuccessfully to rouse the woman, and he got no answer at the front of door of the nearest residence.

A next-door neighbor who’d heard the commotion soon joined Washington outside, called 911 and stayed on the scene to await the arrival of emergency responders.

“Dyrol showed a keen sense that something was not right and a willingness to take action,” said local Postmaster Michael Gonzales. “He is an exceptional employee who embodies the qualities our communities rely on.”

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