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Supply and demand

New program improves supplier relations

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The Supplier Relationship Management program aims to help USPS improve collaboration with key suppliers.

The Postal Service has implemented an initiative to improve collaboration with key suppliers and internal business partners.

The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) program emphasizes joint communication among participants, reduced risks to the supply chain, and high levels of supplier performance, innovation and value.

In fiscal 2017, USPS spent more than $12.3 billion for transportation, supplies, services, facilities and equipment provided by more than 17,000 suppliers.

Through the SRM program, the Postal Service has identified 77 key suppliers. USPS executives and other employees serve as relationship managers for these suppliers and ensure the right conversations happen with the right people at the right time.

“Improving collaboration between Supply Management, internal business partners and suppliers is key to the success of the program,” said Supply Management Vice President Susan Brownell. “By making sure we have open lines of communication, we can better position ourselves as a customer of choice to achieve even greater outcomes.”

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