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Service with a smile

Best practices: Delivering excellence

Flint, MI, Letter Carrier Rachel Lonsway
Flint, MI, Letter Carrier Rachel Lonsway strives to deliver exceptional service to customers on her route.

Rachel Lonsway understands the importance of customer service.

The Flint, MI, letter carrier says she loves her job — especially interacting with people on her route.

“I stay positive and always smile,” she says. “You never know when one of your customers may be having a bad day. Showing them a smile can brighten their whole day.”

The Postal Service encourages employees at all levels to follow this approach, part of the organization’s broader focus on delivering excellent customer experiences.

Toward this end, USPS offers employees several tips, including:

• Keep it courteous. Employees should remember that they might be the brightest part of each customer’s day.

• Take care. Employees who handle packages and mail should take extra steps to protect customers’ treasures.

• Be accurate. Employees should strive to deliver timely, accurate service. For example, carriers should scan mail and packages at the actual delivery time so customers can receive timely updates on the whereabouts of their items.

Says Lonsway: “Staying professional and being accurate with my deliveries is what our customers deserve.”

“Best practices,” a series on employees who demonstrate on-the-job excellence, appears regularly in Link.

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