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On the move

Employees use cart to promote activities

Two employees pose with special LLV cart
Lori Chamberlain and Ahmedta Via, occupational health nurses, use a special cart to deliver information to co-workers at the Human Resources Shared Service Center in Greensboro, NC.

A team of USPS employees in North Carolina has found a unique way to help their co-workers learn about health and safety.

Occupational health nurses at the Human Resources Shared Service Center (HRSSC) in Greensboro use a cart that resembles an LLV to deliver healthy snacks, exercise pamphlets and other materials to offices throughout the facility.

“Our employees have really taken a liking to the truck,” said Occupational Health Nurse Administrator Lori Chamberlain.

The LLV is a shell that fits over a standard office cart. The HRSSC’s Facilities department built the shell, even outfitting it with headlights.

The cart is a small piece of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to promote the health and safety of its workforce, a strategy that also includes the Safety Depends on Me program, educational videos and more.

Said Chamberlain: “We hope this inspires our fellow employees across the country to continue promoting health and wellness in new, fun and innovative ways.”

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