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Yulia Indrawati, Medford, NJ

Medford, NJ, Rural Carrier Yulia Indrawati
Medford, NJ, Rural Carrier Yulia Indrawati

Rural Carrier Yulia Indrawati was recently delivering a package to a row house in Medford, NJ, when she spotted smoke pouring out from underneath the front door.

Indrawati also saw flames through a window, so she immediately called 911, then knocked on doors of several adjacent homes to ensure that residents and pets were out of danger.

Firefighters soon arrived on the scene.

One of the neighbors later contacted the local Post Office to praise Indrawati for saving lives and preventing extensive damage on the block.

“We not only serve but also look out for and protect our customers,” said Medford Postmaster Jaswinder Pujji.

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