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Suppliers honored for postal efforts

Supplier Performance Award recipients
The Supplier Performance Award recipients gather following the ceremony. In the back row, from left, are USPS Supply Management Vice President Susan M. Brownell; Michael Tubbs, the Korte Co.; Tom Welsh, Eagle Software Group Inc.; Bob Kenyon, Atlas Oil Co.; Tim Carroll, Automated Control Technologies LLC; and Letitia Farrell, Southern Mail Service Inc. In the front row, from left, are Laura Ernst, Universal McCann; Beverly Drew, Asset LifeCycle LLC; Todd Gustafson, HP Federal LLC; Susan Hare, Hallmark; and Michael Maiorana, Verizon.

USPS honored 10 businesses last week for providing the organization with excellent products and services.

The companies received Supplier Performance Awards in four categories: performance, excellence, innovation and sustainability. LiteBlue has a list of the honorees.

“This is an important event for the Postal Service because it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge — and celebrate — the contributions of our top performing suppliers,” Supply Management Vice President Susan M. Brownell told the recipients at an awards ceremony in Potomac, MD.

“The focus that these suppliers have placed on performance, communication, innovation and continuous improvement has been instrumental in helping the Postal Service deliver high quality service to our customers,” Brownell said.

USPS spends more than $12.3 billion on products and services annually.

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