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On the job: Chicago Letter Carrier Nadean Press

Chicago Letter Carrier Nadean Press
Chicago Letter Carrier Nadean Press enjoys serving customers on her route.

I’m a letter carrier in Chicago, based at Robert LeFlore Station. I spend most of my day delivering mail and interacting with customers on my route.

I started my USPS career as a clerk in 2012 and became a letter carrier about six months later. I love working outdoors, working with the public and just meeting people. Working for the Postal Service is a great career with room for growth and opportunity. In my work, I get to promote a great organization.

Before coming to the Postal Service, I worked for a distribution company that mailed a lot of packages, so that’s how I became interested in the mail.

I love my station because it’s like a family. We encourage each other and have great teamwork with all positions. It’s a great foundation, and our morale is outstanding.

In my off time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with family. I also tutor young children from kindergarten age to 8th grade in math.

Each day when I come to work, I always think: Promote the brand, deliver the brand and be the brand. I also make sure I have a gorgeous smile on my face for my customers. I love my work and am very postal proud.

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