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PCC Leadership Awards

Recipients honored at ceremony

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USPS leaders gather with representatives from the Greater Baltimore Postal Customer Council, the recipient of the PCC of the Year Award for a large market. In the back, from left, are Acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Jacqueline Krage Strako, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson, Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett, Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan, Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman, Chief Information Officer Kristin Seaver and General Counsel Thomas Marshall. In the front row, from left, are Tina Dickens, Judy Antisdale, Baltimore Postmaster LeGreta Ross-Rawlins, Jennifer Hoyer, Baltimore District Marketing Manager Barbara Braxton-Morgan, Baltimore District Manager Dane Coleman, Baltimore District Consumer and Industry Contact Manager Vanessa Williams, Baltimore District Mail Entry Manager Janet Cook, Sally Pfabe and Roderick Toney.

Several employees were honored this month for their work with the Postal Customer Councils (PCCs), local groups that help strengthen relationships between USPS, business mailers and their mutual customers.

The PCC Leadership Awards were presented during a ceremony in Washington, DC, that featured Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan and other postal leaders.

In most categories, awards were given at the gold, silver and bronze levels.

The employees who were honored included three recipients in the district manager of the year category: Dane Coleman of Baltimore (gold), Charles Miller of Gateway (silver) and James Drummer of South Jersey (bronze).

Other employees honored included the postal member of the year recipients: Mid-Carolinas District Communications Coordinator Lynn Taylor (gold); Greater Boston District Consumer and Industry Contact Manager George Kippenhan and Jacksonville, FL, Customer Relations Coordinator Delores Carter (silver); and Sierra Coastal District Marketing Manager Ramela Younekian (bronze).

In the PCC of the year category, the recipients were Greater Baltimore PCC (large market) and Buffalo/Niagara PCC (small market), while Greater Charlotte PCC was the honoree in the partnership of the year category.

The PCCs honored in the other categories were Greater Dallas, Greater St. Louis and Greater Charlotte (innovation); Greater Boston, Greater Dallas and Greater Baltimore (communication); Greater New Haven, Greater Charlotte, Greater St. Louis and Greater Dallas (education); Greater Baltimore, Greater Boston and Heart of Illinois (membership); and Fort Worth, Long Island and Twin Cities (up-and-comer).

The industry member of the year awards, which go to individual business customers, honored Glen Swyers, Greater Charlotte (gold); Allen Aven, Greater Dallas (silver); and Dina Kessler, Northeast Florida (bronze).

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