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Peak prep

Areas gearing up for holiday season

USPS delivery vehicle moves along neighborhood street
USPS is preparing for further growth in holiday package deliveries, which have increased as more consumers shop online.

Teams from the Postal Service’s Pacific, Western and Great Lakes areas came together recently to strategize for this year’s holiday season.

The two-day meeting, held in San Diego, focused on preparing for further growth in package deliveries, which have increased as more consumers go online to do their holiday shopping.

“By working together, we are guaranteed to have another successful peak season,” Pacific Area Vice President Larry Munoz told the 170 attendees.

During a series of panel discussions, participants offered tips on improving customer service throughout the organization, including retail and delivery. Other topics included the new HERO career development platform, seasonal hiring and recruitment, safety performance, revenue opportunities and international mail.

“Together, we are stronger by taking down boundaries and cutting through the red tape to identify and implement solutions,” said Western Area Vice President Greg Graves.

This marked the first year Great Lakes Area was part of the annual planning meeting.

The area’s acting vice president, Erica Brix, said her team appreciated the opportunity to participate. “We’re much stronger with three partnerships,” she said.

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