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Christopher Turner, Spencerport, NY

Smiling postal worker
Spencerport, NY, City Carrier Assistant Christopher Turner

City Carrier Assistant Christopher Turner was driving home from work in Spencerport, NY, in March when he spotted a raging fire at an apartment complex.

Turner stopped, heard cries for help and soon discovered that a father and daughter were trapped in a second-floor unit.

Knowing that firefighters had been summoned but were not yet on the scene, and with flames spreading rapidly, the Postal Service employee urged the girl to jump into his arms.

Soon after she was out of harm’s way, firefighters arrived and rescued her father as well as other residents elsewhere in the building.

Four people were hospitalized.

Turner, an Army veteran, told a local TV station: “I hear ‘help,’ I have to go help. I have to save people.”

His bravery was also highlighted in a Democrat & Chronicle newspaper article about heroic Postal Service employees in the Rochester, NY, area.

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