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PIT stop

Video highlights powered industrial truck safety

Man wears headphones and operates forklift

The Postal Service has released Safety Depends on Me video that underscores the importance of operating powered industrial trucks (PITs) safely.

The video features a simulation in which a worker listens to music on headphones while operating a PIT at a postal plant.

The employee, who isn’t wearing a seatbelt, uses the PIT to lift a box from a dock and load it into a semi-trailer.

Unaware the trailer has pulled away from the dock, the distracted employee puts the PIT into reverse, and it crashes to the ground. Sirens are heard as the screen goes black.

“This could have been prevented,” the narrator says.

The video then gives guidelines that employees should follow to stay safe while operating PITs:

• Never bypass the powered industrial vehicle management system (PIVMS), or any other vehicle safety system.

• Always check to make sure the vehicle is fit for use.

• Never operate a PIT while wearing headphones, and avoid any other possible distractions.

• Always wear your seatbelt.

• When operating a PIT, be sure to proceed carefully and at a safe speed.

• Stop and look before turning a corner or going through an intersection.

• When you’re working with any motor vehicle operators, make sure you’re close enough for the driver to hear your instructions clearly.

• If you must talk to a co-worker while operating a PIT, come to a complete stop first and be sure the vehicle will not move while you’re talking.

• Always be aware of your surroundings, and use caution when operating a PIT in reverse.

The Safety Blue page has additional information, including more Safety Depends on Me videos.

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