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HERO hiring

New platform adds recruiting portal

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The new HERO recruiting portal allows managers and supervisors to conduct hiring activities online.

Postal Service managers and supervisors can now use HERO to recruit new employees and perform other hiring activities.

HERO is the new system that allows postal employees to manage their career development activities from a single online platform. The system replaces several “legacy” platforms, including eCareer.

The HERO recruiting portal, which launched last month, allows managers and supervisors to do the following:

  • Reduce the time needed to create and post job openings
  • Share data for applicant testing and screening with the appropriate parties
  • Enter hiring decisions in one step
  • Receive automatic system messages and emails

Additionally, because HERO is mobile-friendly, managers and supervisors will be able to conduct recruitment activities from mobile devices.

HERO also can be used to apply for job openings.

USPS wants employees to log into the HERO site and explore the system.

The Human Resources Blue page has an overview of HERO, including a video that shows how the platform works.

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