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Dewana Anderson, Scottsville, KY

Rural carrier stands with her managers and young customer
Scottsville, KY, Rural Carrier Dewana Anderson with, from left, Braden Spears, Postmaster Dwyane Arnold and Post Office Operations Manager Chris Carroll

Rural Carrier Dewana Anderson was delivering mail on a recent afternoon in Scottsville, KY, when a 9-year-old boy flagged her down.

Anderson stopped to assist the lad, Braden Spears, who told her he’d gotten off the school bus at his grandparents’ house, as planned, and found no one at home.

Anderson comforted Spears and called local Postmaster Dwyane Arnold, who knew the boy’s grandfather, Johnny Hobdy, and contacted his office.

It was determined that Hobdy, a county official, was delayed at a funeral, and Anderson stayed on the scene until he arrived.

“We are so thankful that Dewana went above and beyond her duties and comforted Braden until I could get there,” Hobdy said.

Said Arnold: “On that day, she was a hero to that young man. She represented the Postal Service very well.”

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