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Best practices: Submitting business leads

Deanna “Dee” Moore, an acting business development specialist in San Diego, is one of many USPS employees who encourage colleagues to participate in the organization’s lead generation programs.

Deanna “Dee” Moore sees everyone as a potential customer for USPS.

Moore, an acting business development specialist in San Diego, helps companies, nonprofit groups and others find ways to use postal products and services to grow their organizations.

This could include helping a restaurant advertise through Every Door Direct Mail or helping an online retailer use Priority Mail to ship orders.

“The job of a business development specialist requires connecting with many parts of the Postal Service,” Moore says.

She works closely with the San Diego District sales team and follows up on leads submitted by employees through the organization’s small-business and lead generation programs. To ensure these programs are successful, Moore recommends employees follow these tips:

• Learn which program fits you. The USPS lead generation programs include Business Connect, Clerks Care, Customer Connect, Mail Handlers, Rural Reach and Submit a Lead. The Sales Blue page has more information about each initiative.

• Look for leads everywhere. Business opportunities for USPS don’t just come during the workday. You might also encounter potential business customers while out for dinner, shopping or getting a haircut.

• Be specific. When submitting a lead, explain the potential customer’s needs and include contact information for him or her.

“Our employees are the ones that have created a relationship with those customers,” Moore says. “Since they have already established that relationship, they give us the best opportunity to build a working relationship with USPS.”

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