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Postal praise

Essay lauds USPS for service, innovation

Smiling woman holds package inside Post Office workroom
Bianka Locklear performs work as a seasonal employee at the Springfield, VA, Post Office last year.

USPS is continuing to provide “fast and efficient service” despite facing significant challenges, a columnist for a national newsmagazine wrote last week.

The 1,800-word essay from Ryan Cooper, national correspondent for The Week, traces the Postal Service’s history, including its role in uniting rural and urban customers through mail delivery and developing innovations like airmail and railway delivery services.

Cooper also discusses how the postal system provided jobs for women and African-Americans during critical moments in history, calling the Post Office “an engine of gender and racial equality.”

The column, headlined “The miracle of the United States Postal Service,” also outlines the challenges facing USPS and points out that the organization continues to deliver for its customers.

“USPS really does keep the American nation putting one foot in front of the other,” Cooper writes, adding that the organization consistently ranks as the most popular government agency in opinion polls.

The Week’s news site has the full article.

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