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Magic hour

USPS dedicates stamps celebrating illusions

Art of Magic stamp unveiling
The Art of Magic stamps are unveiled by David Copperfield during the Aug. 7 dedication ceremony as Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson watches.


The Art of Magic stamps appeared at an Aug. 7 dedication ceremony, where David Copperfield joined Postal Service leaders and others in offering tributes to an art form that has entertained people for centuries.

“From backyard birthday parties to Las Vegas auditoriums, from the largest of illusions to sleight-of-hand tricks performed merely inches from our eyes, magic reminds us that wonder and astonishment are still alive and well,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson, who led the ceremony.

Copperfield, the Emmy-winning illusionist, praised USPS for honoring magic.

“Magic can inspire, enlighten and unite as a rare and valuable art form, so I’m happy to be part of the unveiling of this very special collection,” Copperfield said.

The event was held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Art of Magic stamps feature digital illustrations of classic magical exploits: a rabbit in a top hat, a fortune teller using a crystal ball, a woman floating in air, an empty bird cage, and a bird emerging from a flower.

The Postal Service also has released a souvenir sheet with three stamps that show the rabbit in the hat. By rotating each stamp, the rabbit appears to pop out of the hat. has the stamp pane and souvenir sheet. The pane also is available at Post Offices.

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