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Release the Dragons!

Stamps showcase mythological creatures

Four illustrations of USPS dragon stamps
The Dragons stamps feature four illustrations of the popular mythological creatures.

Dragons, four stamps that celebrate the high-flying, fire-breathing creatures that have roamed imaginations for millennia, will be released Thursday, Aug. 9.

The mythological creatures have appeared in legends and folklore in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world. They’re often described as lizard-like animals with four legs, sharp claws, scales, wings and spiky tails.

The stamps feature four illustrations: a green fire-breathing dragon towering over a medieval-inspired castle, a purple dragon with orange wings and sharp black armor on its back snaking around a white castle, a black dragon with green wings and green armor on its back swooping past a ship on the sea, and a wingless orange dragon weaving its way around a pagoda.

USPS will dedicate the stamps at an American Philatelic Society show in Columbus, OH.

The stamps will be available in panes of 16 at Post Offices and

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