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Ready, set, gopost

USPS adds more parcel lockers

Woman presses keypad near bank of colorful parcel lockers
A customer prepares to leave a Priority Mail shipment at a gopost unit for pickup. The automated, secure parcel lockers allow customers to ship and receive packages.

The Postal Service is continuing to offer gopost lockers where customers can ship and receive packages.

The latest gopost location, Pine Street Station in San Francisco, opened in July. USPS also operates gopost units in New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

Each gopost unit contains dozens of secure lockers that customers can use to receive packages or leave parcels for USPS to pick up and deliver at no additional cost.

“It is all about accessibility, and gopost units are designed for people with on-the-go lifestyles who want convenient accessibility. [This] is a great way to use technology to create a better customer experience for the sender and the receiver,” said San Francisco Postmaster Abraham Cooper.

Customers who use gopost aren’t assigned a specific locker. Instead, packages are placed in available lockers that best accommodate the parcel size.

To use gopost, customers must register for an account at Once registered, customers receive an account number, access card and personal identification number.

The gopost units are part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to build its package business, which is continuing to grow amid the popularity of online shopping. USPS handled 5.7 billion packages last year, up from 3.3 billion packages a decade ago.

A customer who declined to give his name gave the new gopost lockers an enthusiastic review at San Francisco’s Pine Street Station last week.

“These lockers are the best thing you guys ever did,” the man said. “Love them.”

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