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Employees reminded to beware of wildfires

Firefighter walking near wildfire
A firefighter responds to a recent forest fire emergency in Big Cypress National Preserve in southern Florida.

USPS is reminding employees to be cautious of wildfires, which can happen anywhere, anytime.

These fires often are sparked by human activity or lightning strikes. They can spread quickly, particularly in areas experiencing hot weather conditions, high winds and little rain.

To protect yourself, the Postal Service wants you to take the following steps:

  • Sign up for your community’s warning system
  • Know your community’s evacuation plans
  • Build an emergency kit that you can use during an immediate evacuation
  • Keep important documents in a fireproof, safe place
  • Practice your family communications plan
  • Plan for special needs during an evacuation, such as medicines and pet care

The USPS National Preparedness site has additional information, including wildfire emergency response checklists for mail processing facilities and district and area offices. also has recommendations.

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