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Chastity Amlong and Jacqueline James, Landisville, PA

Landisville, PA, Retail Associate Chastity Amlong, left, and Postmaster Jacqueline James

Two Postal Service employees recently helped a customer who was allegedly targeted for identity theft.

Retail Associate Chastity Amlong alerted the customer after a suspected imposter contacted her about retrieving the customer’s mail, which was being held at the Landisville, PA, Post Office.

The concerned customer — whom Amlong recognized — soon arrived with proper ID, picked up his mail and said he would file a police report.

An officer quickly responded and enlisted Amlong and Postmaster Jacqueline James to help identify the suspected imposter.

When that man came in later, Amlong and James safely stalled him while notifying the officer, who arrived within minutes and arrested both him and a suspected accomplice waiting nearby.

The customer who was allegedly targeted for identity theft later thanked the Postal Service employees for their intervention and said that credit lines totaling over $100,000 had been fraudulently opened in his name. has FAQs about Hold Mail Service, while the Postal Inspection Service site has tips on preventing mail theft.

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