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Tommy Daniels, Mesquite, TX

Mesquite, TX, Letter Carrier Tommy Daniels
Mesquite, TX, Letter Carrier Tommy Daniels

Letter Carrier Tommy Daniels was recently delivering mail in Mesquite, TX, when he encountered an older customer who’d fallen while watering plants in her front yard.

The woman — who was muddy, shaken and concerned about putting weight on her knee replacements — wanted her husband’s help, but she’d been unable to get his attention inside their home.

Daniels located the man, who safely lifted the woman, at which point the Postal Service employee noticed her head was bleeding.

The couple rushed to an emergency room, where the woman received three staples to close her wound.

She later mailed a letter to Dallas District, praising Daniels for his kindness and attention.

“You have an awesome person working for you,” she wrote.

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