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Eileen Flannery, Claremont, NH

Claremont, NH, Retail Associate Eileen Flannery
Claremont, NH, Retail Associate Eileen Flannery

Retail Associate Eileen Flannery was recently on duty in Claremont, NH, when an older customer wanted to send an $8,600 check via Priority Mail Express to an address in Massachusetts.

Flannery suspected the customer was being scammed, and she encouraged the woman to consult with a family member before mailing the check.

The customer assured Flannery everything was OK, and she returned several days later to mail an even larger check to an address in Georgia.

When the woman left the Post Office, Flannery alerted the Postmaster, who contacted the customer’s son and the Postal Inspection Service.

Additional information was provided to the woman to convince her she was being victimized, and the intervention ultimately saved her more than $18,000.

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