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Good, clean work

On the job: St. Louis Custodian Judy Huelsing

St. Louis Custodian Judy Huelsing
St. Louis Custodian Judy Huelsing helps provide a clean facility for her colleagues and USPS customers.

I’m a custodian at the St. Louis Processing and Distribution Center. I believe having a really clean facility promotes a good work environment and positively affects employees’ attitudes. It also helps give customers a good impression of USPS.

I work with two other “tours” of custodians. It’s up to us to keep the entire building clean, including the exterior. The Processing and Distribution Center is two city blocks long, so it’s a very large facility.

My workday starts at 7 a.m. Every morning, we meet and talk about safety before receiving our assignments. Safety is always a primary concern. There are many different “routes” that can be assigned to us, including everything from cutting grass to cleaning restrooms.

I take a lot of pride in my work. Some third-floor offices have conference tables with glass tops. I make sure to leave them spotless. If there’s a coffee cup or a bowl sitting in a sink, I’ll wash it, even though it’s not required of my job. I enjoy giving a little more care if it makes someone happy.

I once worked at a Post Office where I was the only custodian and responsible for the entire building’s cleanliness. I made sure the grass was perfectly manicured. I kept our lobby pristine, including the windows and glass doors. It’s important to project a good image because when customers drive up, their first impression must be a positive one.

Before I began my postal career, I was employed by a local school district and worked with special needs kids. One day, we took a field trip to a local Post Office and I had the opportunity to speak with the Postmaster. After receiving some advice from him, I applied for a job and was hired in 2015.

I later transferred to the St. Louis Processing and Distribution Center, where I met my husband, who’s an electronic technician. Dave and I were married last year. It’s great because we get to drive into work together.

I’m very thankful to be working for the Postal Service, and I really appreciate the pay and benefits. I look forward to a long career and a satisfying retirement.

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