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Lesley Greenwell, Pocatello, ID

Smiling postal worker stands in Post Office sorting area
Pocatello, ID, Rural Carrier Lesley Greenwell

Pocatello, ID, Rural Carrier Lesley Greenwell was recently leading a class for new rural carrier associates when Trisha Reisdorff of Heyburn, ID, arrived a few minutes late — clearly upset.

Reisdorff explained that she’d had a flat tire 10 miles away on an interstate, and though she’d gotten a ride to class, she was distressed by the situation.

After assuring Reisdorff she wouldn’t be stranded, Greenwell called her husband, who located the vehicle and changed the tire. She also drove Reisdorff to her car and followed up later to ensure she made it home safely.

“I’m very grateful to both Lesley and her husband,” Reisdorff said. “Their kindness and willingness to help meant more to me than I can express.”

Greenwell, who was previously recognized through the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program for assisting victims of a truck fire, pointed out that “everyone needs a hand when you are brand new.”

Said Pocatello Postmaster Liz Snow: “Lesley is a very happy and positive person who would do anything for anyone.”

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