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On the job: Salt Lake City Electronics Tech Greg Prawitt

Salt Lake City Electronics Technician Greg Prawitt
Salt Lake City Electronics Technician Greg Prawitt helps keep equipment running on the workroom floor.

I’m an electronics technician at the Salt Lake City Processing and Distribution Center. I maintain mail processing equipment.

I start my day at about midnight. First, I look at the daily reports to see how machines ran the previous day and to know what I need to focus on. Machines can process around 200,000 pieces of mail each day. This makes regular maintenance important. My attention to detail and proactive approach help me ensure machines run their best.

I use my past experience and knowledge to train new and younger employees, fostering a team environment. I joined USPS as a maintenance mechanic in 2016 and soon became a mail processing equipment mechanic. I moved into my current job about eight months ago.

I also worked as an electronics technician for 34 years before joining USPS. I started out in the Air Force and did a number of electronics and communications jobs. I then moved on to working in the telecommunications industry for private companies.

I also enjoy being a safety ambassador at my facility, ensuring my co-workers are safe and go home to their families after their shifts. Every week, I conduct talks with my crew to help them keep safety on their minds. I also conduct weekly safety walks, so shortfalls are identified and corrected on the workroom floor.

Outside the Postal Service, I’ve been happily married for 35 years to my high school sweetheart. We have three kids and two grandchildren. Also, I enjoy a lifelong love affair with BMX racing and cycling, and I’m a state champion BMX racer.

I’m proud to be part of the USPS family and its long history of providing reliable mail service. I look forward to being part of its future, as we move into new technologies and services, continuing to be a vital piece of the fabric of the American way of life. 

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