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‘I won’t quit’

Employee excels despite physical challenge

Retail Associate Jeff Droke, who lost the use of his right arm in 1990
Retail Associate Jeff Droke, who lost the use of his right arm in 1990, has earned the admiration of his colleagues at the Johnson City, TN, Post Office.

Jeff Droke was participating in a motorcycle race in 1990 when another competitor struck him at 120 miles per hour, permanently damaging his right arm.

The accident ended Droke’s dream of becoming an Air Force pilot — but it didn’t crush his spirit.

He soon joined USPS, becoming a retail associate whose work ethic and customer service skills have earned him widespread admiration at the Johnson City, TN, Post Office.

“This just led me down a different path than I thought I’d have,” Droke said. “I just had to learn to do things with one hand.”

Droke, who keeps his right arm in a sling, uses a cart to move around mail and gets help from co-workers when he needs to handle large packages.

“We have amazing staff here. If there is no one else around, I’ll figure out a way. The job will get done,” he said.

Postmaster Sheila Frazier called Droke “by far one of the best clerks in the Postal Service. He just has such a great attitude and is always so professional.”

Officer in Charge Darrell McDaniel said Droke goes “above and beyond for his customers. I wish I could have one of him in every office I’ve ever worked in.”

Droke said he appreciates the praise, but he doesn’t feel he’s done anything extraordinary. He merely wants to set a good example for his two young children.

“There are times adversity comes along and changes things,” he said. “You either have to adapt or quit — and I won’t quit.”

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