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Educating consumers

USPS offers ‘How To’ videos

Woman puts Priority Mail package in Post Office receptacle
The “How To: Shipping Tips” videos aim to educate consumers on USPS products and services.

Reminder: USPS offers a series of videos designed to educate consumers on postal products and services.

The “How to: Shipping Tips” series includes segments on packing boxes, addressing packages and similar topics. Most videos are between 1-2 minutes in length.

The most recent video, “How to Ship Internationally,” was introduced this year and offers a primer on using Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International and First-Class Package International services.

The video also reviews guidelines, customs information and required labels for shipping items internationally.

“How to Ship Internationally” and other “How to: Shipping Tips” videos are available on YouTube. Go to, select “Videos” and scroll through the titles to see the segments.

If you’re unable to stream video from external sites on postal computers, you can use a personal smartphone, tablet or other device to watch these segments off the clock.

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