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Measure for measure

EXFC to be retired

Letter carrier scans mail on home's front porch
To ensure the transition to Internal Service Performance Measurement is successful, the Postal Service wants employees to maintain high levels of scanning.

USPS will soon begin using an improved system to measure its service performance.

Internal Service Performance Measurement (SPM) will replace External First-Class (EXFC), a system that relies heavily on support from an outside organization. EXFC will be retired Sept. 30, and Internal SPM will become the Postal Service’s official service reporting and recording system Oct. 1.

The Postal Regulatory Commission recently approved the change, which is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to make better use of data and information and improve customers’ experiences, two core business strategies.

“Internal Service Performance Measurement allows the Postal Service to move from an outdated measurement method to one that is more robust and uses data that is more accurate, reliable and representative,” Enterprise Analytics Vice President Isaac Cronkhite said.

Internal SPM was introduced in early 2016 and has been running in parallel with EXFC since then.

Internal SPM uses data that the Postal Service collects from multiple sources, including real-time scans of mailpieces when they enter the postal network, when the pieces are processed, and when they are delivered.

The system also uses random scans at individual collection and delivery points across the nation, including First-Class Mail letters and flats with special services that are scanned at retail locations. This data is combined with the live scans from the billions of pieces moving through the postal network, providing a near-real-time, more accurate reflection of the organization’s service performance.

To ensure the transition to Internal SPM is successful, the Postal Service wants employees to maintain high levels of scanning.

“It’s vital that employees scan mailpieces when prompted at collection points, when delivering mail to PO Boxes, and on delivery routes,” Cronkhite said.

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