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On the job: San Diego BMEU Clerk Ronald Fitzgerald

San Diego BMEU Clerk Ronald Fitzgerald
San Diego BMEU Clerk Ronald Fitzgerald ensures business mailers pay the right amount of postage.

I’m a clerk in the Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) in San Diego. My job is to help ensure incoming mail is weighed correctly and business mailers are charged the right amount of postage.

I work with both small and large mailers. Some companies bring in so much mail at one time that they need a 35-pallet semi-truck. Smaller mailers may bring in only 2,000 mailpieces. Our larger mailers may come in daily, whereas others visit us once every six months.

An important part of my job is customer service. I feel really good about how I deal with our business customers, especially the new ones who are just getting started and wondering how this all works.

I’ve been in the unit 16 years, but I have more than 30 years with the Postal Service, so I can give them the big picture or the small picture, depending on what they need. It’s important to maintain a good relationship between USPS and our customers.

When I’m not helping customers with parcels, I’m helping USPS launch new system upgrades. I’m part of a Pacific Area team that tests new BMEU software before its national rollout.

The Postal Service fits my personality. There are a lot of opportunities and good jobs and really happy people here. Before USPS, I thought about becoming a teacher. I still get to do that when I teach customers about mailing.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife of 34 years, Joanne, and our two cats, Jacob and Brophy. Joanne and I enjoy traveling and gardening. I’m also a big Los Angeles Dodgers fan and enjoy bicycling.

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