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Best practices: Educating business customers

Butler, PA, Retail Associate Danielle Gelston
Butler, PA, Retail Associate Danielle Gelston enjoys educating customers about USPS products and services.

Danielle Gelston knows her stuff.

The Butler, PA, retail associate is an expert on USPS products and services and how they can benefit customers. She enjoys delivering this information to the people she serves, especially small-business owners.

“A lot of people don’t realize how much stuff we have on,” Gelston says. “We have a number of eBay users. [I’m able] to show them about setting up their scales and how to get the best rates.”

To learn about products and services, Gelston reads, listens to informational stand-up talks and asks her managers and supervisors for clarification when necessary.

The Postal Service encourages this approach. Employees who demonstrate their knowledge of USPS products and services help the organization deliver excellent customer experiences, a core business strategy.

Gelston recently participated in a Grow Your Business Day event at the Butler Post Office, where she helped educate customers about Every Door Direct Mail, Informed Delivery and shipping products and services.

“It was nice to show people how to get the lowest rates and the fastest service based on what they need,” she says.

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