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‘Always cool’

Florida employee celebrates career milestone

South Florida District Data Collection Technician Fred Berrian
South Florida District Data Collection Technician Fred Berrian was recognized last week for his 50 years of USPS and military service.

Fred Berrian recently achieved a rare milestone: He marked 50 years of combined military and postal service.

Berrian, a South Florida District data collection technician, is based in Fort Lauderdale.

He served as an Air Force airman from 1966-1970, then applied for a job with USPS two years later.

“I was fortunate,” said Berrian, who took a test to join the Postal Service. “When I got my test results, I was surprised and happy.”

Berrian qualified for two positions: letter carrier and retail associate. He said he chose the latter because he wanted to work indoors “where the air was always cool.”

When he began his USPS job in 1972, a stamp cost 6 cents and Berrian was paid $3.77 an hour. He worked as a retail associate for about a dozen years before becoming a data collection technician in 1986.

Financial Programs Compliance Manager Michelle Bullard has nothing but praise for her colleague.

“For the time I have been in this department, Fred has been a dedicated and excellent employee” she said.

Berrian, who was honored at a recognition event last week, said he always knew the Postal Service was the place for him.

“I would do what I was asked to do, so I would have this career for a long time,” he said.

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