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Employee honored, ZIP Code history traced

Woman holds award
Southern Area Strategic Communications Specialist, Debra Fetterly displays the Earl C. Artis Jr. Excellence in Communications Award at a recent meeting.

Top honor. Debra Fetterly, a Southern Area strategic communications specialist, recently received this year’s Earl C. Artis Jr. Excellence in Communications Award.

The national award is given annually to a Corporate Communications employee who demonstrates excellence in his or her work.

Fetterly was recognized for helping to manage the organization’s response to Hurricane Irma, as well as her efforts in securing positive media coverage throughout the year, most notably during the holiday season. She was also honored for her efforts to provide information and support to postal employees, including her work on various newsletters, promotion of hiring, and presentations given at career conferences.

A 40-year veteran of the Postal Service, Fetterly serves Alabama and South Florida districts.

The award is named for Artis, a Southern Area public affairs and communications manager who died in 2013.

History lesson. This week’s edition of “CBS Sunday Morning” included a report on the history of the Zone Improvement Plan — ZIP, for short — which debuted July 1, 1963.

If you’re unable to stream external videos on your postal computer, you can use a personal device to watch the 2-minute, 40-second report on YouTube when you’re off the clock. The link is

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