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Loraine Hayward, Wysox, PA

Wysox, PA, Rural Carrier Loraine Hayward
Wysox, PA, Rural Carrier Loraine Hayward

Rural Carrier Loraine Hayward has been keeping a close eye on a newly widowed older customer in Wysox, PA, and her attentiveness recently made a crucial difference.

Hayward was delivering mail to the customer’s garage — which she’d started doing to help the woman avoid navigating a long driveway while home alone — when she saw her splayed out on icy concrete.

The Postal Service employee rushed to aid the customer, who had fallen hours earlier while taking her dog outside.

Hayward called 911 and comforted the woman until emergency responders arrived and took her to a hospital.

“She was very fortunate — and very grateful — that Loraine came to her rescue,” said local Postmaster Penny Horton.

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