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Statue of Freedom stamps released

Three stamps overlapping each other
Each Statue of Freedom stamp features the same image, but in different colors.

The Postal Service has released three high-denomination stamps featuring an illustration of the statue atop the U.S. Capitol dome in Washington, DC.

The $1, $2 and $5 Statue of Freedom stamps are available for packages, large envelopes and other mailings.

Each stamp features the same image, but in different colors. The $1 emerald green and $2 indigo blue stamps are available in sheets of 10. The $5 brick red stamp is available in sheets of four.

The artwork was first used for a 1923 stamp. The design is intaglio-printed, meaning it’s transferred to paper from an engraved plate.

American sculptor Thomas Crawford (1814–1857) created the allegorical Statue of Freedom during the mid-1850s. The statue wears a variation on a Roman helmet — circled by stars, topped with an eagle head, and embellished by feathered plumes meant to evoke Native American headdresses.

The statue’s installation onto the new Capitol dome was completed in 1863.

The stamps are available at Post Offices and

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