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James Lovelady, Hiawatha, KS

Hero James Lovelady
Hiawatha, KS, Rural Carrier Associate James Lovelady

Rural Carrier Associate James Lovelady was recently delivering mail on a frigid day in Hiawatha, KS, when he spotted an 82-year-old customer in a dire situation.

The woman, who lives alone, was hurt and stranded after slipping on ice near her garage.

Lovelady rushed to the customer’s aid, called 911 and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived.

“She was worried I would be late getting my route done,” Lovelady said. “She’s a sweet lady, and my only concern was that she was safe and being helped.”

Local Postmaster Mark Hoffman called Lovelady — a lifelong Hiawatha resident — “a great part of our postal team.”

He added: “We’re fortunate to have someone with his character and people skills working with us.”

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