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Karie Priddy, Caneyville, KY, and Kathy Miller, Bee Springs, KY

Composite image of three female postal workers
Caneyville, KY, Postmaster Renee Rich, left, Retail Associate Karie Priddy and Bee Springs, KY, Postal Support Employee Kathy Miller

Retail Associate Karie Priddy was on the job recently in Caneyville, KY, when a man purchased a high-value money order using a debit card.

Nothing seemed unusual at first — but within minutes, another man came into the Post Office to make a similar purchase with the same card.

Priddy alerted Postmaster Renee Rich, who observed the situation as the card was declined and the man provided a different one to complete the transaction.

After noticing that the men had parked at a distance in a pickup truck with out-of-state plates, the Postal Service employees started a suspicious transaction report, and Rich contacted other Post Offices in the area.

She soon learned of similar activity that day at multiple locations, including the remotely managed Bee Springs, KY, Post Office, where an observant colleague — Postal Support Employee Kathy Miller — had written down the truck’s license plate number.

Rich immediately contacted the local sheriff’s office and the Postal Inspection Service. Deputies quickly located the truck and arrested three suspects after discovering extensive evidence of fraudulent activity.

Although several employees acted on their concerns, Miller’s keen eye “saved the day,” Rich said.

“Kathy loves working for the Postal Service, and it shows,” added Brownsville, KY, Postmaster Sheri Stockdale.

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