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Best practices: Making stand-up talks effective

Apple Valley, CA, Postmaster Bobby Kimball
Apple Valley, CA, Postmaster Bobby Kimball has made stand-up talks a priority in his workplace.

Bobby Kimball believes every employee’s time is valuable.

This is why the Apple Valley, CA, Postmaster has made a priority of delivering stand-up talks efficiently and effectively.

Kimball gives the talks in the Post Office’s parking lot, where he has painted a 25-foot circle to gather his 89-member staff.

During each talk, he tells his employees to put their “toes on the line.” This allows everyone to face one another.

Kimball got the idea for the circle when two San Diego managers gathered a smaller group of employees in the retail lobby for a meeting instead of holding it on the workroom floor.

“The employees were all focused,” he says, attributing their attentiveness to the venue change.

Kimball delivers a talk each day. He often discusses safety, but motivation and customer service are frequent topics, too.

The Postal Service encourages managers and supervisors to deliver stand-up talks, part of the organization’s efforts to engage, equip and empower employees.

“We’re the biggest communication company in the world, so any information I have, I’m going to share with employees,” Kimball says.

He finds the circle is effective not only for stand-up talks, but also for retirements, award presentations and other ceremonies.

“It’s great for everybody being involved and for the person who is leading the discussion or receiving an award because everyone is focused on them,” he says.

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