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Customers embrace PS Form 3849

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Carriers are required to leave PS Form 3849 when they are unable to deliver an item successfully.

The Postal Service’s redesigned PS Form 3849 is a hit with both internal and external customers.

USPS carriers are required to leave the form, also known as We ReDeliver For You!, when they are unable to deliver an item successfully.

The form was updated this year with a simpler design and clearer instructions for customers and employees.

Since the revised form was rolled out in January, it has been used for more than 2.3 million redelivery requests.

The revised form gives customers the option to scan a QR code and go to, where redelivery requests are up about 22 percent. Each month, customers are increasingly using this option to schedule deliveries.

This has helped reduce calls to USPS customer care centers from individuals with redelivery inquiries by 17 percent.

“Giving our customers more options with simple, clear and easy messages is what our world-class customer experience is all about,” said Delivery Operations Vice President Kevin McAdams.

If a customer who uses the form’s QR code is an Informed Delivery user, his or her address will automatically appear in the redelivery application, which means the customer only needs to select the date for redelivery.

Said McAdams: “The Postal Service continues to leverage technology to improve our customers’ experiences and to make it easier to do business with us.”

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