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Best practices: Advancing your USPS career

New York Maintenance Operations Supervisor Kenrith Esterine,
Kenrith Esterine, a New York Maintenance Operations Supervisor, took a chance on a detail opportunity to advance his postal career.

Kenrith Esterine knows that professional development requires being open to new opportunities.

Esterine recently became a maintenance operations supervisor at the James A. Farley Post Office in New York City after previously working as a custodian and a postal support employee.

“I had a lot of ideas as a custodian, especially around safety and ways to improve the work environment,” he says. “That’s what drew me to management — the ability to really make changes.”

To climb the ladder, Esterine attended a career conference to learn about other positions in the organization. He also accepted a one-year supervisory “detail” assignment when a manager offered him the opportunity.

USPS encourages employees to grow their postal careers.

In addition to holding career conferences, the organization offers a variety of training and development programs that are part of its broader effort to equip, engage and empower its workforce.

What advice does Esterine offer fellow employees?

“Show up and work hard,” he says. “You can’t help the company if you’re not there.”

“Best practices,” a series on employees who demonstrate on-the-job excellence, appears regularly in Link.

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