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Best practices: Making survey participation easy

Deerfield Beach, FL, Postmaster Ed Drozdowski
Deerfield Beach, FL, Postmaster Ed Drozdowski encourages his employees to participate in the Postal Pulse employee survey.

Ed Drozdowski believes in the power of the Postal Pulse.

The Deerfield Beach, FL, Postmaster encourages all of his workers to take the employee survey. He even provides them time on the clock to do so.

“It’s fairly simple. I communicate and emphasize their opinion is important, and I make the opportunity to participate easy,” Drozdowski says.

He sets up a computer on the workroom floor for employees to complete the survey on LiteBlue. Everyone is reminded they’ll need their employee identification number to log in.

“Step right up,” Drozdowski tells employees, encouraging them to rotate with another co-worker as soon as their survey is completed.

The Postal Service encourages this kind of approach. The organization wants managers and supervisors to make it easy for employees to participate in the Postal Pulse, an important tool to help USPS become a better place to work.

Drozdowski’s methods are effective: Last year, Deerfield Beach tied the Guaynabo, PR, Post Office for the nation’s largest teams with a 100 percent Postal Pulse participation rate.

“Our employees are the ones doing the work and we need to hear from them,” Drozdowski says. “This is another chance to express their opinions, and they should do so.”

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